A message from Frank Carstairs.

I have been a member of the UK Independence Party since 1999 and have spent time and effort to find out the disturbing truths about the UK’s involvement with the European Union. Knowing what I do I have difficulty in understanding why voters do not care very much and prefer to continue to vote for the three major parties all of which are in favour of the continuing destruction of our sovereignty.
While canvassing during the last local election campaign I spoke to many people and also had some 62 voters fill in a questionnaire. The results both verbal and written show me that there is a dual perception of the EU. On the economic front voters are not overly concerned at the high cost of our membership and tend to think that there are economic benefits which make it acceptable. This also goes for whether or not we should adopt the euro. Even my skewed poll questions only got 68% in favour of keeping the £.

However there is almost unanimity, even from dyed in the wool europhiles, that the political and legal changes which have happened in the last 25 years are unacceptable. So virtually all respondents, 93%, are against the idea of forming a federal EU state and reject the idea of splitting England into regions reporting to Brussels.

Some 85% are surprised to learn that over half of all our legislation is produced in Brussels and strongly oppose this. 80% also think that it is unacceptable that Parliamentary laws are routinely overruled by EU directives. On the other hand a substantial minority is prepared to believe our political leaders when they espouse joining the euro. And indeed it would be strange if that were not the case. The average citizen has only a passing knowledge of economics and has every right to believe the assertions of the Prime Minister and the Foreign Office when they wrongly claim massive economic benefits to be obtained by adopting the euro. The case against political and legal integration and the destruction of our nation state is much simpler to understand and it is noticeable that no politician will openly proclaim support for this. Rather they use Heath-like statements such as “increasing sovereignty by pooling and sharing with the other EU states” and they continually conceal the fact that most of the measures introduced into law are directly dictated by the EU Commission. They deny that the EU defence force is an EU army.

I think that the political, legal and environmental effects of the EU are more important than the massive economic downside.

It is noticeable that the EU fridge directive and the EU vitamins ban received much publicity while nobody pays any attention to the constant announcements of UK financial support for EU projects such as Galileo, the EU army, EU police, EU transport aircraft etcetera.

I must point out that sovereignty cannot be shared and that pooling sovereignty is exactly the same as transferring it to a third party.

Remember the environmental disaster of the Common Fisheries Policy, the damage inflicted on third world countries by the EU’s mismanagement of Overseas Aid and the total mess of our Asylum policy which are presented as triumphs of British diplomacy. When we have EU troops garrisoned at Arborfield it will be too late to protest.

Be aware of the terrible danger of the destruction of England by the insidious regionalisation policy. Be mindful of the dominance of EU law and that you could be dragged off and imprisoned in an EU jail on the say so of foreigners.

On May 1st strike a blow for your country by voting for Frank Carstairs of the UK Independence party. Every vote will help to change the policy of the other three pro EU parties and bring all these issues into public debate.

Published by the United Kingdom Independence Party
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